1. What is TFrag?

TFrag is one of Denmarks leading CS:GO communities, and have a increased focus on a unique player experience. We are primarily known for our Hoejhus servers, which are one of the most popular in Denmark. You are more than welcome to join one of our servers and play. We have a great focus on, that everybody feels welcome. We are a community, that have great potential, and all servers are in great growth. Our vision is, to create the best playing experience on all of our servers. We have the strongest servers, and our servers only gets better! All money donated, will be used to cover our expenses. We are right now 972users on the website.

2. Who owns TFrag?

TFrag is owned by Xeos & Toby which has been a part of the community business since 2011.

3. Who hosts your servers?

To get the best quality, our servers are hosted on our own hardware in France & Germany.

4. How long, does it take to recieve your package?
Alle pakker, som vi sælger i butikken, bliver leveret på under 24 timer
5. How to come on contact with TFrag?

You can create a helpdesk here on the website, or contact us pr mail: SUPPORT@TFrag.dk

6. What can my child do with a package? (Parental Service)

With a package on our servers, you get a couple of advantages in the game. This is to optimize the playing experience on our servers. The advantages variates from package to package, read the advantages in the store.

7. What does the payed money go to?

All money which we earn, will be used to cover all our expenses. Expenses like: Server hardware, webhosting & DDoS protection.