After 22:00 (GMT +1) on weekdays and after 00:00 in weekends, will it on Hoejhus #Classic be accepted to have a bit rougher tone. With that said, everyone still needs to feel welcome, so please keep it within reasonable boarders. 

Admins always decides the boarder if needed.

§1 Admins

§1.1 Admins word is always law.

§1.2 Never discuss with an admin, go directly to the Owner or an Head-Admin.

§1.3 Call-Admin abuse will not be tolerated.


§2 Gamerules

§2.1 Cheats will under no circumstances be tolerated.

§2.2 All griefing/annoyment on a fellow player will not be tolerated.

§2.3 Both teams has to actively go for the win.

§2.4 All advertising will not be tolerated.

§2.5 All bugs or glitches shall be reported to the Owner or an Head-Admin and may not be abused.

§2.6 Everyone should be down from T-roof before 1:30.

§2.7 It is not allowed to camp in glass cage, unless the bomb is planted.

§2.8 It is not allowed to be AFK deliberate to farm credits.

§2.9 It is not allowed to manipulate with your rank. This includes killing yourself.

§2.10 It is not allowed to co-operate with a person from the opposite team.

§2.11 On the v50-map, it is not allowed to camp in ct-secret.

§2.12 It is not allowed to winner team join.

§2.13 It is not allowed to camp on the ladder behind glass cage.


§3 Voice- and chat rules

§3.1 It is not allowed to mic-spam or use the microphone unreasonable lot.

§3.2 Soundboards are not allowed.

§3.3 No ghosting! It is allowed to tell where you died.

§3.4 All racism will not be tolerated.

§3.5 Talk respectfully to all your fellow players.

§3.6 All talk, besides danish & english, is not allowed.

§3.7 It is not allowed to spam in the chat.

§3.8 It is not allowed to use voice changer.

§3.9 It is not allowed to share personal informations.

§4.0 It is not allowed to ask or beg for credits (This will result in mute)


Violation of these rules with result in a punishment in form of mute/gag/slay/kick/ban.
It is possible to create a case of unban, if you think you have not gotten the correct punishment, or not violated a rule, by creating a message on Helpdesk, and a Admin will consider your case.