The principle of jail

Jail is about having fun, and not to farm points. Thus is it not about killing as many T's as possible, but by getting them out by doing various activities.

OBS! Usage of dance and emotes will be seen as movement. This counts ALSO in freeze activities.


§1 Admins

§1.1 Admins word is always law.

§1.2 Never discuss with an admin, go directly to the Owner or an Head-Admin.

§1.3 Mods are in no way raised above admins.


§2 Voice- and chat rules

§2.1 It is not allowed to mic-spam or use the microphone unreasonable lot.

§2.2 Soundboards are not allowed.

§2.3 No ghosting! But you may tell where you died. (It is alright to rat on your teammates, if you are alive. This extension only counts on jail).

§2.4 Speak nicely, we are not here to yell at you, but we demand a fair tone on the servers.

§2.5 Talk respectfully to all your fellow players.

§2.6 All talk, besides danish & english, is not allowed. (CT has to speak danish)

§2.7 It is not allowed to spam in the chat.

§2.8 It is not allowed to use voice changer.

§2.9 It is not allowed to share personal informations.


§3 General playrules

§3.1 Common sense is a must and not take every rule to literally, so it gets unfair/annoying to the other players.

§3.2 Cheats will under no circumstances be tolerated.

§3.3 All griefing/annoyment on a fellow player will not be tolerated.

§3.4 All advertising will not be tolerated.

§3.5 All bugs or glitches shall be reported to the Owner or an Head-Admin and may not be abused.

§3.6 It is not allowed to be AFK deliberate to farm credits.

§3.7 It is not allowed to manipulate with your rank. This includes killing yourself.

§3.8 Respawn is only allowed if freekilled.

§3.9 If the players changes the rules it does not count, and will be punished hard.

§3.10 Bhop macro is not allowed, and if it is detected it will result in a ban.

§3.11 It is not allowed for mods to CT-ban.

§3.12 At map change, it is not allowed to join CT, so the teams get unfair. New CT (other than those from last map) has first right to get CT, if the teams get unfair at map change.

§3.13 CT may shoot T if they are within knifing range. This does not count if a CT runs within knifing distance of a T.

§3.14 If marked with a shot, the T's only needs to be within the circle or square that is made.


§4 CT-rules

§4.0 It is required to have a working microphone as CT.

§4.1 CT needs to speak clearly and understandable, so everybody understands it.

§4.2 It is only the warden that can control activities, although you need to listen to the other CT's if they want to move you or etc.

§4.3 Everyone needs a fair chance to be warden. This means if you have been the warden in several rounds, should someone else have the opportunity to be it.

§4.4 If an activity is created that is not a part of the map or is the activity changed, then the Warden needs to show the activity, and T gets as many tries as the Warden had.

§4.5 Warden always needs to start by telling the rules. (If warden or another CT opens the cells before the warden has said rules, then it will result in the t's having a freeday.)

§4.6 If it occurs that you as a CT needs to slay yourself, then you need to use your head and not slay yourself in front of a T, which can pick up the weapon afterwards.

§4.7 Before warden starts an activity, the warden needs to explain the activity, if the other players do not understand it.


§5 Jail rules

§5.0 The proportion between CT and T is 1:3. You may not join unfair teams.
This means, that when a player choses to join CT, should the proportion go up in 2:6 , 3:9 , 4:12 & 5:15, etc.
If a T leaves the game, and the proportion is 2:5, 3:8, 4:11 or 5:14 etc. may the round be played normally as intended.
If the proportions are not fair, then it is considered freeday, and then first CT who dies will switch, until proportions once again are fair.
Admins can approve proportions, if it is considered appropriate!

§5.1 NO freekill & free attack, there can be miss shots.

§5.2 It is allowed to use 1, 2, 3 dead man on the server - 1, 2, 3 dead man means that a T must stand still and not talk. Dead man may not be abused. It is allowed in the case that there is said "1, 2, 3 dead man start" to stand up relatively right after, and stop crouching, because it is more fun standing up under dead man. Thus you need to crouch again right after, if crouching was the last thing you did before dead man. "1, 2, 3 dead man start" needs to be repeated 2 times. 

§5.3 It is allowed to use no mercy on the server - no mercy means that you will not get a warning shot, but instead get shot right away if you breake the rules.

§5.4 Simon says is not allowed.

§5.5 CT should actively go after getting Warden position.

§5.6 It is not allowed to do War, Hide'N'Seek or Zombiewar more than 2 times in a row. It is also not allowed to do it every second round.

§5.7 When T open cells, it is freeday. (This counts only if a T actively stands in front of the button, until warden has seen who opened it.)

§5.8 CT is not allowed to supply T's with weapons.

§5.9 It is not allowed to join CT, if it results in to many people (see §5.0) also it is not allowed to manipulate teams.

§5.10 It is not allowed to talk over the warden, this will result in a punishment.

§5.11 CT can say "123 silent for T" whereafter T are not allowed to use their mic, unless the T gets the permission from Warden. (This is not a special rule) "123 silence for T" shall be repeated 2 times. 

§5.12 It is not in any way allowed to teamkill. 

§5.13 No telecamp, everyone should get a chance to get away from the portal (2 seconds unless there is a active try to kill someone).

§5.14 CT can use freeze to get T's to stand still while explaining someting, trying to find the other T or for other times which they find relevant. In freeze it is allowed to use the mouse and crouch. CT does not need to say unfreeze for the T to be allowed to move again. They need a physical order from the CT to be unfrozen. T is not unfrozen, if CT says, T should look somewhere, as it is allowed to move the mouse.

§5.15 T have the right to write "repeat" in chat to get the rules repeated. This only counts in the first 30 seconds of a round. CT are only required to repeat 1 time, thus if the repeat is before cells are open, should the next repeat (still in chat) be respected as if it was the first time. T's that waits on repeat shall stand still (like in freeze), and may not leave their cell. If CT repeats rules without the word "repeat" being written, should they repeat the rules again if a T writes "repeat". Repeat may not be abused.

§5.16 It is not allowed to make last man jumping , shall die, or other activities like this. This includes giving the advantage to the first man, gets to pick who dies.

§5.17 CT may make an activity with T, as long a CT actively is looking for a missing T.

§5.18 Wardens rules counts from when the cells opens, this means from when the animation of the doors is starting. (Unless the rule has as advantage to help the CT, that T's will not escape.) If a T tries to escape, they are automatically a rebel!

§5.19 In scenarios where T are not allowed to speak, may Admins speak, as long as it is admin related. THERE IS NOTHING CALLED MOD RELATED.

§5.20 If CT agrees on a T surrendering, may the T not get shot, unless the T is lying (This also counts in dead man).

§5.21 De sidste 2 T’er har altid lov til at lave !LR, medmindre de er midt i en aktivitet sat i gang af warden, dermed skal aktiviteten udføres færdigt først. Teamgames anses ikke som en påsat aktivitet, og derfor skal denne stoppes ved de sidste 2 overlevende.

§5.22 If there is only 1 CT alive, is this CT automatically the warden.

§5.23 Special rules are not allowed (It is not allowed to make rules, that apply to someone, but not others.)

§5.24 Talent may only be made by Admins, because we experience many players, that has problems keeping this activity entertaining.

§5.25 If there is usage of russian roulette, four corners/colors or other activities a like may there only be 1 player per field.

§5.26 Surrendering is only allowed if the T that wants to surrender, is not able to be found by the CT's. Means that he is disappeared or somehow gone. Example, if a person in the row jumps, he is not allowed to surrender.

§5.27 If T stands in a lump, they cannot be punished for knife, switch knife or spray. (This does not apply under freeze activity).

§5.28 It is not allowed to do activities, as "Bomb toss this further than this T or die".


§6 Standard Rules

§6.1 Crouch in front of the stairs, and in some cases the ramp! (It is always the stairway/ramp closest to the cells) (You should still crouch in front of the stairs, if standard rules are applied with running).

§6.2 Weapons are dropped in the cells.

§6.3 Nades are thrown in the cell you started in.

§6.4 No knifing, switching knife, jump or spray. (This rule also applies between activities, although not under activities)

§6.5 Face center of, and crouch in front of stairway/ramp.

§6.6 The place, the way or if you should stand up or not can variate. (Does the place change does §6.5 not count)

§6.7 You should always crouch when reaching the first point, although this can be changed if warden says other. (With first point is meant wardens shot, stairway or look a like.)

§6.8 It needs to be 100% clarified if T's should go to a ramp/stairway, that is not stairway/ramp in front of cells (closest to cells)

§6.9 Fix stack and space, this means you should stand in a straight row without space between, and without standing on top of each other. 

§6.10 No shortcuts, detours or delays on the way out in front of the ramp (this place can be changed).

§6.11 Laves der standard regler med no mercy et andet sted end ved trappen eller i nogle tilfælde ved rampen, skal man ALTID crouche.


§7 War

§7.1 It is allowed for CT to camp.

§7.2 T should be in weapon room before the time CT applies or it will result in slay.

§7.3 T may only get out of weapon room after the time CT has applied, and may not look out of the room. (T's should have at least 20 seconds in the weapon room and max 90 seconds)

§7.4 CT should always open ALL cells for T, this also applies to isolation.

§7.5 T should always go actively to kill CT.

§7.6 It is allowed to do !LR.

§7.7 It is allowed to change war for example, only AK-47.

§7.8 Medic and rooms that gives medic is not allowed to be in under war.

§7.9 It is allowed to wallbang, as long as it is a glass wall (where both persons can see each other) or a solid wall, where either T or CT can see each other. It is allowed to shoot through one-way glass, if those who shoot cannot see the other person.

§7.10 Warden must make sure T can enter weapon room. (Meanwhile warden is holding weapon room may T not kill him, and warden may not kill T.)

§7.11 On the map ba_jail_minecraftparty_v7-9_tfrag, is it not allowed to shoot through "deep water". Also not stay in the room in the bottom.

§7.12 It is not allowed to use grenades (HE-grenade, smoke, molotov etc.) in weapon room.


§8 Hide'N'Seek

§8.1 CT should actively go after T.

§8.2 CT should ALWAYS be in medic until hide'n'seek starts and are not allowed to look out. (if it occurs that here is not a medic on the map shall CT be in weapon room. If CT are in weapon room may T not kill then when they are picking up weapon.)

§8.3 T are allowed to move under hide'n'seek.

§8.4 It is allowed to do !LR. Is !LR made under hide'n'seek, then T's agrees that the person is out of hide'n'seek, and there is !LR until the person either dies or wins the round. WHICH MEANS NO REBEL.

§8.5 Usage of weapons, except knife and nades, before 05:00, results in ban.

§8.6 Medic and rooms that gives medic is not allowed to be in under hide'n'seek.

§8.7 T is not allowed to tell where their teammates hides, nor tell where they are themselves, if they hide next to you. (This also counts if you make sounds to get CT towards you or others)

§8.8 Warden must make sure T can enter weapon room. (Meanwhile warden is holding weapon room may T not kill him, and warden may not kill T.)

§8.9 There should be a realistic time frame for T to hide themselves, because they need the opportunity to go to the weapon room.

§8.10 Knife and nades are allowed after 5 seconds after CT's get out. Unless warden says shorter time. (He is not allowed to make the time longer than 15 seconds)

§8.11 T are not allowed to hide places where CT cannot enter. Nor places where you cannot get out again.


§9 Zombiewar

§9.1 Bar and medic together with the room that gives medic are not allowed to stay there under Zombiewar.

§9.2 It is allowed to do !LR. Is !LR made under hide'n'seek, then T's agrees that the person is out of Zombiewar, and there is !LR until the person either dies or wins the round. WHICH MEANS NO REBEL.

§9.3 T may not jump, crouch or run. If this happens CT may shoot T. Thus should the CT that shoots first, have seen it. It does not count if you heard it.

§9.4 Weapons are allowed for T to use when the watch hits 2:30. CT are allowed to shoot again.

§9.5 CT are not allowed to stay in places where T cannot reach without jumping/crouching or running. CT may also not position themselves in places where T's loose their lives to reach.

§9.6 T may jump if they are trapped places where they cannot walk actively.

§9.7 T should go actively after CT.


§10 Freeday

§10.1 There is always freeday at first active round after map switch.

§10.2 CT may shoot T, when they try to shoot or knife a CT.

§10.3 No weapons as T, if this occurs should CT shoot them.

§10.4 CT should always try to stop those who break the rules.

§10.5 CT automatically dominates weapon room, and can change or un-dominate! CT can dominate the entrance, which means if they say it, then they may shoot people that blocks the door from closing.

§10.6 You are not allowed to be AFK under freeday, it is not a round to do nothing. If you do not wanna do anything under freeday, then go to spec till next round.

§10.7 When you as T are the 2 last (then you got access to !lr) then should !lr be made, so time is not stalled.


§11 Last request (!lr)

§11.1 In LR T's decides, how LR rules should be, but with no unfair advantages for anybody.

§11.2 T should always start in LR.

§11.3 Cheating is not allowed in LR.

§11.4 It is not allowed to do gunthrow with bhop.

§11.5 If custom !lr is made, should it take no longer than 1 minute.

§11.6 Custom !lr can be made with multiple CT's, if you are the LAST T who wants it, and CT's agree.

§11.7 CT cannot deny a custom !lr, unless §11.6 is in use.


Violation of these rules with result in a punishment in form of mute/gag/slay/kick/ban/ctban.
It is possible to create a case of unban, if you think you have not gotten the correct punishment, or not violated a rule, by creating a message on Helpdesk, and a Admin will consider your case.