§0 Short about TTT

In TTT there is two teams with three different roles, which will be distributed between the players in every round:

  1. Innocent and detectives.
  2. Traitors

§0.1 Innocent

The innocents job is to walk around the map, and try to spot a player who is doing treacherous actions, f.ex by shooting towards aother player, or on another player. Thus are they able to shoot traitors they spot, without shooting any innocents, that is why it is important to be sure. If all traitors dies, then the innocents win the round.

§0.2 Detectives

The detectives goal is to lead the innocents to find the traitors with equiptment and methods, to secure the innocents win.

§0.3 Traitors
The traitors job is to assassinate every innocent there is, without getting caught by any other player. When the innocents and detectives gets killed, then the traitors wins the round.

Follow your assigned role and have fun - That is the reason we play.

§1 Commands

Press "F" to use your flashlight. (The button to inspect your weapon).
Keep pressing your "E" button to move different things within the game, that can be moved. (The button "Use").
The same "Use" button can also identify bodies.
/t in team chat - Will turn on and off to talk privately through your microphone if you are traitors.
!role - Your role
!shop - Opens the shop.

§2 Definitions

§2.1 RDM (Random Death Match)
RDM is when a innocent or detective damages another person without ant reason, non-logical or inadequate reasons.

§2.2 KOS (Kill On Sight)
KOS is a status you can put on another player, so everybody knows to shoot this player, when they see them. (Always needs to be justified, when you put KOS on a person).

§2.3 Tase (Zeus x27)
Tase another player to see if they are innocent or traitor.

§2.4 Traitor actions
Traitor actions are actions which will classify you as a traitor.
This can for example be, but not limited to:
Damage or killing a player, unless its self defence.
Shot around or towards other players, unless it is self defence.
Throw HE's or molotovs towards other players, unless its self defence.
Throwing flashes or smokes is not a treacherous action.
Declare "KOS" on a innocent.
Actively following a player with explosives.

§3 Voice- and chat rules

§3.1 It is not allowed to mic-spam or use the microphone unreasonable lot.
§3.2 Soundboards are not allowed.
§3.3 No ghosting, which means giving out informations to the players alive, while you are dead. If it gets detected that there is talk in private calls, like discord, will the punishment be severe, though with exception if a person turns it in with valid evidence
§3.4 Talk properly, no racism, homophobia or other hateful conducts. Always speak respectfully to your fellow players.
§3.5 All talk, besides danish & english, is not allowed.
§3.6 It is not allowed to spam in the chat.
§3.7 It is not allowed to use voice changer.
§3.8 It is not allowed to share personal informations.
§3.9 It is not allowed to ask or beg for credits (This will result in mute)
§3.10 All sprays and profile pictures has to be neutral and may not contain pornography.
§3.11 No inappropriate, disrespecting or "empty" names. You have to have a name all players on the server can identify.
§3.12 No advertising.
§3.13 Do not pretend to be an admin.
§3.14 No links.

§4 General playrules

§4.1 It is not allowed to RDM, you need a solid evidence, which can prove that the player is a traitor.
§4.2 No cheating, scripting or map/glitch abuse in any ways.
§4.3 No griefing.
§4.4 It is not allowed to camp in rooms which only traitors can access.
§4.5 It is not allowed to prop-kill, also in a way you kill a player with the help of props.
§4.6 It is not allowed to play til the doors. (Opening and closing them all the time).
§4.7 You may not block the doors, entrances or other paths which players needs to go through.
§4.8 You may not prop-surf.
§4.9 You may not kill rule breakers or seek revenge. Shoot only in selfdefence in the round you are in, and not from previous rounds.
§4.10 You cannot dominate roofs, rooms or other areas.
§4.11 All players can tase anyone without asking permission, to see their role.
§4.12 If you do a treacherous action then you are a traitor, which means it is allowed to shoot you.
§4.13 It is not allowed to accuse people publicly in chat or over the mic about RDM. Just report it to the admins by using '@' in team chat.
§4.14 By hunting a player with knife or taser are not means on "KOS". Thus avoiding a taser from a innocent are not means of "KOS".
§4.15 Admins word is law, and they have the last word on the server. Admins has every right to take action and judge if needed, when it is to keep the stability of the server. Admins decisions is final.
§4.16 If there is less than 5 persons on the server, then it is forbidden to use the chat.

§5 Detective rules

§5.1 The detective shall go actively to fulfill the role as detective and lead their team to the best extend possible.
§5.2 It is not allowed to call someone a traitor without any valid reason.
§5.3 Detectives shall use the taser scan on a person, before they can call a "KOS" on a person.
§5.4 If a detective calls a taser scan on a person, and the person denies, may the detective call "KOS" on the person. The detective shall use their taser scan on the player they call out. Other than that the detective cannot command the player around.

§6 Innocent rules

§6.1 You shall walk around as an innocent, and not sit and camp in the same spot.
§6.2 It is not allowed to call someone a traitor without any valid reason.
§6.3 If you act or say you are a traitor despite being an innocent, people can react from this.

§7 Traitor rules

§7.1 Traitors shall actively go after assassinating the other team.
§7.2 Traitors may not kill other traitors.
§7.3 Saying your are a traitor without actually knowing, for example in the first 30 seconds before the round starts, is not allowed.

How we use admin on TTT

Admin can be useable in the end of the round or in case there is called an RDM, and only if the right procedure for calling RDM is used.

To report you simply need to call an Admin. Remember we cannot do anything without a proper evidence, or unless we see it ourselves.

If a person shoots an innocent, shall the person be slayed. This can occur if the person has acted as a traitor and the person itself is to blame for the action.


Violation of these rules with result in a punishment in form of mute/gag/slay/kick/ban.
It is possible to create a case of unban, if you think you have not gotten the correct punishment, or not violated a rule, by creating a message on Helpdesk, and a Admin will consider your case.